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Art Commissions, Murals & Architectural design services are available upon request


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  • Can I commission a painting?
    Yes you can commission a painting, but only in my style. Commissions start at 1,000 for a 24" x 30", 1,500 for a 30" x 40" , 2,000 for a 3' x 4", 3,000 for a 3' x 5' , 5,000 for a 4' x 6' and 6,000 for a 5' x 7' Shipping is not included in these prices. Send me an email if you have any questions.
  • Can I commission a Mural?
    Yes, you can commission a mural, however just in my style. The Maximun distance I can travel for a mural with out any travieling fees is 50 miles from my studio. Any murals out of state, client must cover all traveling and Living expenses during the completion of the mural. Mural fees are as follow: For a 8' x 12' mural range is 25 dollars per square feet. For a 10' x 20' mural range is 20 dollars per square feet. For a 10' x 30' and more ther range is 15 dollar per square feet. For all these prices materials are included.
  • Can I visit your Studio?
    Yes but, only serious art collectors can schedule a private studio visit. To schedule a time, please send us an email and on the email discuss what paintings and styles you are interested. We will let you konw the time and dates available. There are no walk-ins allow.
  • Can I resale your paintings or images?
    You can resale mine paintings, however please keep in mind that all my images are copyright. They can't be reproduce without my consentment. The Artist, (Piero Manrique), rights are protected by the Federal Copyright Act of 1976 and the Federal Visual Rights Act of 1990. Purchase of a copyright artwork does not transfer the copyright. The copyright to produce the works in copies, to produce derivative work based on the copywrited image, and distribute copies is retained by the Artist. Any transfer of this copyright must be in writing expressly identifying what rights are being sold and for what purpose. ​
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